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The Story so Far

::the unfolding of my fate::

29 September
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Just finished up my second year of uni - first @ Acadia. Undeclared major, mostly arts (comp, phil, germ, hist etc)

Moving back to be on my own again in Toronto. Saving up to possibly go back and get a degree somewheres...unless my business takes off.

Anything to do with music, film or computers interests me.

I love singing, dancing, playing piano, and writing music. I once played trombone, and I'd like to learn guitar. I literally love every genre, it depends on my mood, or activity. If forced to choose ONE sole favourite group, it'd be New Found Glory (fan since the change to drive-thru).

I love filmmaking. Directing, producing, digital editing, scriptwriting, and acting. I also enjoy watching films (especially any made by: Quentin Tarantino, John Hughes, Kevin Smith, James Cameron or Baz Luhrman). I have aspirations of working hard towards winning an oscar for direcing sometime before I die.

I am a total nerd. Minor programming skills (all forms of html, basic java and c++, actionscript), love for gaming (console and pc - warcraft, unreal and worms especially!), I'm a software nut more so than hardware - although I have helped build several computers. I am sorry to say I like macs, but thats because of Final Cut Pro (its a videography thing).

I'm pretty outgoing, and I LOVE to meet new people. I like to think I'm friendly, but I've been told I'm not approachable - a lot of people think I'm a snob before they get to know me (and realize I'm quite the opposite =P). That's okay, I have no problems approaching new people and assuring them I'm actually pretty kind lol.

I have an extremely silly side. Humour keeps me going! I'm one of a handful who actually enjoys corny jokes, and I've been known to be a bit sarcastic at times (I mean...what?).

In short, I'm an extremely girly-tomboy, if you can imagine that. I love to giggle, the color pink, dancing, getting all fancied up, baking/cooking, etc. While just as equally I love to play video games, follow hockey, drink beer, chill in sweats all weekend with the 'gang', obsess over 'cool computer' stuff, and recite dirty limericks lol. Oh - and I'm pretty much bi, which allows me to oogle both hot boys and girls! =P

I enjoy travel, learning about cultures, and speaking several different languages. (French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Sign Language, and some Scottish Gaelic and Polish).

OH! One more really important thing. I (obviously) am a HUGE believer in the theory behind 'fate'. I believe that 'everything happens for a reason', in fact, I pretty much live my life around this belief.